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Important Information. Click to the questions below to see the answers

What will cook Bieke prepare in the week of 22/02/2021 and 01/03/2021?

Monday 22/02/2021 spinach + potatoes + Ardennes roast

Tuesday 23/02/2021 pumpkin + potatoes + chicken fillet

Wednesday 24/02/2021 cauliflower + potatoes + turkey skewer

Thursday 25/02/2021 fennel + potato + americain

Friday 26/02/2021 broccoli + potatoes + salmon


Monday 01/03/2021 apple-rhubarb purée + potatoes + minced chicken

Tuesday 02/03/2021 beans + potatoes + Ardennes roast / white fish

Wednesday 03/03/2021 celeriac + potatoes + chicken fillet

Thursday 04/03/2021 carrot + potato + chicken cubes

Friday 05/03/2021 peas + potatoes + white fish


Mmm, that sounds good! :)




We naturally take allergies, food intolerances, religious and ideological preferences into account. You can always contact us if you have any questions.


Vegetables and meat are always adapted to the age of the children. We also occasionally offer quinoa or bulgur to the children.

What is Bambieno's vision?

At Bambieno we think it is important that children can still be children. That is why the children can sometimes be dirty when they go home. After all, we do not sit still: we regularly go to the garden under supervision to play or to go to the vegetable garden. We can only be happy if children want to "do it themselves" and that results sometimes with dirty clothes. But that gives them confidence and a lot of fun too!
What we do expect from the Bambino kids, is that they learn to be nice, to be good and to be polite. Of course, take the age and development of each child into account!

What about children with specific care needs?

Bambieno offers care for all children between 0 and 3 years old. According to our vision, children with specific care needs are also part of this. This means that we are happy to offer care for children with medical or psychosocial problems and / or children with more intensive care. We already have experience with that in the meantime.

What do I bring to the daycare?

ENG: Bambieno already provides as much as possible for the care of your child. But some things are personal and you need to bring your own:
- the powdered milk that your child is used to
- the feeding bottles that your child is used to
- diapers
- wet wipes

- ointment for the bottom 
- spare clothing that can remain in the daycare and that is adapted to the season and the age of your child.
Bambieno will happily provide other care materials, drinking cups, toys, craft materials, etc. And no additional price will be charged for this.

The cost of childcare at Bambieno

ENG: Bambieno's rate is income-dependent. This means that the rate is regulated by law and depends on the joint taxable professional income and the number of dependent children. More information about this can be found on the website of the Flemish Government. Below you can click on the link to go to their website. Our administrative department Felies can also help you with this!

Party at Bambieno

ENG: We are lucky because every year the Easterbunny comes in with a little treat.
And if we have been very good, Sinterklaas also delights us every year with a visit. He will bring sweets and toys!
And the birthdaykids are always put in the spotlight at Bambieno!

Why do we pay so much importance to play?

Above all, playing is fantastic fun but also extremely educational. In every play activity, no matter how small, a child learns. Bambieno has a very wide range of toys and changes this regularly so that the children can continue to discover new things and experience new stimuli. We do this alternately in guided activities (such as reading a story or yoga) and in free play.

For us, "being allowed to be a child" is and remains our goal. In this way, when they themselves are ready and ready for new things, they will learn new things at their own time and pace. We support the idea that authorities expect us to already acquire certain skills by the time the children go to class, but we mainly let the child indicate through his play when it is due.

A few examples of how and with which we invite and stimulate the Bambieno to play:

* When the first child of the day arrives, there is already a variety of toys. This not only creates an invitation to play, but also creates a feeling of homely welcome.

 Imagine arriving as a child in a house, completely tidy and without toys ... Not really a warm welcome, right ?! Even when the last child is present in the daycare, not everything is cleaned up because we want to give them the chance to play until the last second that the children are with us.

* We have many toys: from dolls and doll accessories (that encourage role-play), blocks (that appeal to gross motor skills, color, construction and texture), cars of all shapes and sizes (that stimulate the imagination, can simulate real life ,. ..), teddy bears (which children use to tell a story or to let their emotions run free), a gymnastics mat (for yoga, acrobatics, moments of rest), a cozy and secure place under the raised park (to socialize sit or hide), musical instruments (which contribute to rhythm and thus lay the foundation for math) and so much more!

* We do supervised activities such as sorting, making block towers, viewing books, crafts, gymnastics, ...

Enough offer to spend the day educational but above all enjoyable ...

Bambieno training, attestations and certificates


Bambieno works together with Felies. The latter takes care of the majority of our administrative work. We are supervised by Kind en Gezin, which means that they come here for an unexpected visit and inspect us.


We have obtained the necessary certificates and certificates for the operation of a childcare: fire safety, care inspection, lessons at CVO Miras for working in childcare, certificate for the operation of a childcare that states that we can take care of 16 children. Tineke can also live on her previous education in nursing school and Bieke has more than 7 years of experience in childcare.

We also regularly follow additional training courses so that we are aware of the latest developments regarding the care, reception, development and pegagogy of children.


- Bieke followed the training "self-care" (self-care is the basis for good care for someone else) in February 2021 and received a certificate for this

- Tineke followed the training "every little thing his label" about punishment and reward on 23 February 2021 and received a certificate for this.

- together we refresh our first aid course online by a recognized body. As soon as the corona measures allow it again, we will physically follow the lessons of life-saving action. We do this every 3 years anyway.

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